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Firebox Door Sheet Ready to Flange
In the background, John is air arcing a weld groove in the old firebox door sheet that facilitates adding the extra steel necessary to 'beef if up', making it suitable as a die on which to form the new sheet over. The forming is done by heating to orange hot and hammering with wood faced hammers. We use the wood so as not to put any dents in the new sheets. In the foreground, Casey is drilling the holes for the staybolts in the new door sheet. These are transfer punched off the old sheet. using these holes, we bolt the new sheet over the old (which is now the die) so it doesn't pull up as we hammer into shape.

Firebox Door Sheet Ready to Flange

Saturday, July 13, 2002 by Martin Adams

The firebox door sheet gets its final preparations before flanging. Seams between the extensions were welded up by John and Stuart.

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