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1925 Baldwin Photo   1925 Baldwin Photo
    Baldwin took this builders photo before delivery in April of 1925. Many fixtures were added or changed over time. Like moving the backup light to the tender. Items added include a more...

1933 Air Horns   1933 Air Horns
    This shot taken on July 2, 1933 shows air horns on top of the cab. These were gone by the next views from the 1940ís. . This is one of the last views to have these features. more...

1933 Oil Shipment   1933 Oil Shipment
    Oil made up a large part of what was shipped on the Santa Maria Valley. In this May 1933 view #21 is making up a train. The tank car #21 is pushing was very typical. more...

1942 Camouflage   1942 Camouflage
    #21 has just been backed out of the engine house in this July 15, 1942 picture. A worker is attending to the valve gear. The front of the smoke box and many other items have more...

1945 Cow Catcher   1945 Cow Catcher
    Robert M Hanft caught #21 near the engine house on May 6, 1945. The cow catcher has gotten narrower and the lead wheels now have two holes. The pin striping has been freshened more...

1949 Changes   1949 Changes
    D.S. Richter took this photo around October 1st 1949. The front pilot hand railing has been shortened. All of the pin striping is now gone. DeGolyer Library Collection more...

1949 Workhorse   1949 Workhorse

1950's with Caboose   1950's with Caboose
    In this view of #21 taken some time in the 1950ís you get to see the firemanís side. The small fire cracker shaped extrusion sticking up from the cab is the radio more...

1950's with SMV#205   1950's with SMV#205
    Leslie Hickman caught #21 near the water tower along with the SMV #205. The puff of smoke seen above the cab is from the steam powered generator that provides power for the lights more...

1954 Guadalupe   1954 Guadalupe

1955 Dog House   1955 Dog House
    On the back of the tender in this July 1955 view you can see the "Dog House" for the front end brakeman. In the next view taken in 1956 you can see it was more...

1956 Color Photo   1956 Color Photo
    This color photo was taken by Roger W. Sackett in August of more...

1957, August 13   1957, August 13
    #21 was waiting sitting by itself out on the main line on August 13, 1957. H.F. Stewart from the DeGolyer Library collection more...

1960's With Fans   1960's With Fans
    In the 1960ís #21 was fired up by the Captain on the weekends. Here you can see many fans watching the show. California State Railroad Museum negative more...


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