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Forging of crown staybolts
In this shot, the heated rod is inserted into the "gripper dies" to a predetermined depth that is marked on the rod with a sharp piece of soap stone. The dies are in 2 halves, split down the middle lengthwise so that the upper half can be moved up and down, in this case hydraulically. When the two halves come together, they basically "grip" the heated rod which has expanded due to the heat. keeping it from moving lengthwise.

Forging of crown staybolts

Friday, June 28, 2013 by JN

We have been manufacturing new staybolts for the crown of the firebox in the boiler. The first step was preparation of the dies to be used in the forging. Next we cut lengths of 7/8 steel bar which were carried up to Portland for the ends to be forged. Here we see some shots of the forging process.

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