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The Crown Stays are Finally In
Jim and Mark are moving the crane over the top of the boiler. You can see the rows of threaded crown stays protruding above the boiler surface. The row adjacent to Mark's hip has already been peened on the inside and has been cut off leaving 1/4 inch ready to be peened on the outside. (photo by Tom Kittel)

The Crown Stays are Finally In

Friday, October 10, 2014 by MC

Installation of the crown stays took a lot longer than we thought. In fact we broke from the tedium during the summer to assemble the lead truck prior to the open house in September. In addition we had to re-fabricate an oversize set for one row due to a mistake in tapping the holes in that row. The end of 2014 found us with all the crown stays in and beginning the task of cutting them off and peening over the ends (beginning with the inside ends)

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