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Drive Pin Installation
The main drive pin is immersed in the LN2. As the nitrogen contacts the much warmer steel it boils, creating a nitrogen vapor which spills out of the container and because it is heavier than air it forms a fog along the floor. Photo by Tom Kittel

Drive Pin Installation

Saturday, December 2, 2017 by MC

On Saturday we met at K Manufacturing to install the new drive pins into the driver wheelsets. John had ordered a Dewar of liquid nitrogen (LN2) to be used to cool the pins and shrink them so they could be inserted into the cast steel wheels. The pins which were machined to the same diameter as hole in the wheel, were immersed in the LN2 until they had shrunk about 0.005" in diameter. This allowed them to be slid into place. They then expand to fill the hole as they warm. There is a 1/4in flange on the bottom of the pin that will be peened over (on the inside of the wheel).

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