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Drive Pin Installation Day 2
Jim directs the action as the overhead crane and a fork lift are used to gently turn axle 3. Tall blocks will be needed under this one when setting it back down. Photo by Martin Adams

Drive Pin Installation Day 2

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 by MC

On Saturday we finished installing 6 of the 8 pins before we ran out of LN2. We had turned over axles 1 & 2 & 4 on Saturday in order to put the second pins in but the large pin in axle 3 had not warmed up enough at the end of the day. John ordered a small Dewer of LN2 for the last 2 pins and it was delivered on Wed so the crew got busy at the end of the work day. First order of business was turning axle 3 and the large pin made the task interesting. After turning the axle, the second pins on both axles 3 and 4 were put in - but not without a bit of drama.

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