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Rebuilding the Lead Truck
#21's lead truck partially assembled in the shop

Rebuilding the Lead Truck

Saturday, September 5, 2009 by J Niemann

Rebuilding #21's lead truck has been one of our recent projects. It had been extensively modified and in a pretty haphazard way. The upright pedestals are not original and came off some other piece of equipment as evidenced by the 4" thick spacers at the top of the pedistal. The originals were full length. Also, the usual "rockers" were replaced by long arms with rollers that rode on 1 1/2" square "rails" that were welded to the top of the frame (see next picture). The rebuild has included facing the babbit hub liner, turning and polishing the journals to remove pits, pouring new babbit on the brasses and reboring them. We also remachined the journal boxes where the pedestals ride to make them flat and parallel, both side to side and front to back.

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