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Rebuilding the Leading Truck
Lead truck frame with stock rails on top and "rolling swing arms"

Rebuilding the Leading Truck

Saturday, September 5, 2009 by John Niemann

Here we have temporarily placed the "Rolling Swing Arms" and the square stock "rails" on the front of the lead truck for visualization purposes. There was another pair mounted on the rear of the frame as well. The arms mount to the bolster with fixed cantilever pins thru the 2 inch holes in the bottom of the arms. With this type of set-up, there is a smooth transfer of weight as the truck enters a corner, but no tendency to "straighten out" as is the case with the conventional "rockers". If anyone has ever seen another set-up similar to this, please send me an email at Take a look at the next picture to see how #21 was originally equipped.

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