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FRA inspector visits the shop
Gary Groff inspecting inside #21's boiler as viewed through the outside fire door

FRA inspector visits the shop

Monday, December 7, 2009 by John Niemann

On December 7th we were visited by Gary Groff and his assistant Howard Gehrke. Mr. Groff is the Steam Locomotive Inspector for the Federal Railroad Administration Region 8. They gave our steam locomotive #21 a complimentary inspection, paying particular attention to our completed repairs to the boiler. Though this inspection is not required by law, we felt it offered a unique opportunity to view certain interior portions of the boiler that are impossible to access once the newly fabricated firebox is installed. Mr. Groff gave us a nod of approval and the OK to install the firebox. We also submitted to him our recently completed Form 4. The Form 4 is a required document that computes the the strength of the boiler by calculating the maximum stresses on each component using the actual measured thicknesses as they exist now. Our boiler has survived all the years of rust and now that we have repaired the weak and corroded areas it is good for the original Maximum Working Pressure of 200 psi.

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